10 key steps to selling your property

Selling your home can be a straight forward process if placed in the hands of an
experienced Real Estate Agent. Here is a quick overview of the various steps
involved in selling a property.

When to Sell

Look and see what is happening in the current market and decide what is bestfor your situation. Think and decide if you are better buying your new home before you sell your current one.

Choose your Agent

A Real Estate agent will be in charge of advertising and completing the legalrequirements when it comes to selling your property . At Freeman Realty you will not only pay a low sale commission when your property is sold , you will also same be advertising your property at a premium level to be viewed by potential buyers.

Selling price

Your properties location, size ,age , features and any inclusions will determine
the selling price .

Sign an agency agreement with your agent.

This is a legally binding contract between the seller and the agent . It will outline any details to commissions, selling price, duration of agreement and advertising costs.

Prepare Contracts for sale.

Your property contract for sale will generally be prepared through your solicitor or conveyancer . This will include all the details that a prospective buyer will need.

Advertising your property

This generally involves taking photos of your property , drawing up floor plans and writing your advertisments to be placed on various online and offline portals.

On The Market

Your property is now advertised and we can take enquiries and organise times for viewings and have your open home inspections scheduled.

Negotiation and Sale

When a mutual agreement has been made between you and the buyer,the buyer will then pay a deposit and have the contract of sale signed through their solicitor or conveyancer.

Under Contract

Both the sellers and buyers solicitors will work on the details of the sale and ensure that both parties meet all legal and financial requirements.


You as the seller will hand over the keys and legal right to the property in exchange for the balance of payment from the buyer.

This is the final stage where you have now sold your home !!!